Coulisses, photos and collages for studies.

coulisses 1 collage of prints 2017
In 2017 I was invited to the fashion show of Ann Demeulemeester in Paris. The show took place in the wonderful Musée de l'Homme and I arrived early.

coulisses 2 collage of prints 2017
The photos from that event inspired the work 'coulisses' or how it feels to be waiting in the shadows, ready to step into the light. I made collages from the prints as a first study and to look into the deformations.

the muses, collage of prints 2017
All these women are beautiful, but their appearance wasn't my first concern. I liked how the light reflects on their skin and how the shadows shape their faces. There is a softness to them like the early hours of dawn.

coulisses 3 collage of prints 2017
These photographs also started the series 'the almost portrait' as they move away from the person and don't focus any more.

almost portrait, collage of prints 2017

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