In The Pines

Caryatid as a woman soldier, or 'Scylla was a monster' 50x30cm oil on canvas 2018

Metamorphosen 33, or 'Io used to be a cow.' 40x30cm oil on canvas 2018

In the pines I, or 'Echo used to be mute', 40x30cm oil on canvas 2018

In the pines 2, or 'Syrinx was hollow water reed', 40x30cm oil on canvas 2018

Labels written for the exhibition 'In the Pines' 2018

The addition of labels, or how important it is to communicate what we think and feel. The labels are twisting the plot of Ovid's Metamorphoses. Ovid turned the one who is chased into a laurel bush, while the persuer could to get away. It's time to become human again.

In the Pines
an exhibition by Tramaine de Senna & Eline De Clercq
Haecken en Ooghen | Klapdorp 35, 2000 Antwerpen, BelgiĆ« 
‘In the Pines’ 17 November tot 09 December 2018 | Za - Zo van 14h - 18h