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1979 Antwerp, Belgium

Lives and works in Antwerp. 
contact: elinewoolpublishing * gmail.com   (* is @)
2022 - 2023    Researcher at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
2001               Graduated, Master in visual arts, KASK Ghent Royal Academy 

2020 founder Art Club Borgerhout
2019 started the ongoing art & ecology project Gesamthof, a lesbian garden
2018 founder of Wool Publishing, a platform for shared presentations in the arts

Twin Portraits of historic figures and contemporary photography, various sizes, prints and oil on canvas 2019

After graduating in 2001 at KASK Gent, I continued my studies as a volunteer in the botanical garden in Ghent and I focused on my studio practice. This allowed me to spend some years travelling abroad and spend quite some time in Tokyo. Since 2004 I live in Antwerp where I have a painting studio, and while I am a painter I also work on a lesbian garden project, I teach art theory and I work on ecology in the visual arts.
For Judith Leyster 1635 - 2019, 45 x30 cm oil on canvas

My style is rooted in European tradition. My paintings and drawings refer to feminist topics, a critical reading of art history, caring for ecology, understanding nature, questioning the role of art in representation of minorities and working towards more diversity.
The lesbian gaze is an important aspect of the work. My paintings imagine a diversity in the representation of a lesbian identity including trans and non binary identities. My subjects are not narrowed down to the axes of gender and sexuality (often the norm as a male gaze), instead they show lots of different identities to open up the concept of what might be 'typical' lesbian and imagine endless personalities.

I like to work in collaborations with other artists, my exhibitions are never solo, but shared with others. For this purpose I founded Wool Publishing in 2018, a project for shared art practices and ecology. Several of my projects focus on antiracial and anti-misogynist topics; with extra care for intersectional realities. Since 2019 I started to work on a project about restoring ecology in a city garden, working on the various intersections with nature in a garden: gender, class, sexuality, colonialism, economy, cultures are all themes related to the work in the lesbian garden Gesamthof.

The Lesbian Gaze, 2019, oil on canvas

Studio view 2020

Gesamthof, a lesbian garden 2022

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studio ( at )  elinedeclercq.com       

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