‘GEZICHTEN’ is Dutch for ‘faces’ an exhibition of portraits, the title seems obvious. We look, we don’t see the air between us, we don’t see our own face ever and we forget what others looked like. Painting is about time, how to stop time and live forever in a framed moment.
About fifteen years ago Yoko decided she wanted to become a painter, she left Japan and came to study in Antwerp. It’s where we met, she has a decidedly different use of colour and style and her work called out to me. Over the years Yoko painted in Japan, her exhibitions increased and so did mine as I did the same on this side of the world. One of the hardest things to do as a painter is not to stop: to keep painting, while you need to live as well.
Yoko painted the dialogue, a response to my portrait. This exhibition is about what happens between people, it can be a gap, cold air or love and friendship, but it’s never just a portrait. We can all see the background, but it’s the foreground that unites us.  
Eline De Clercq

Yoko Enoki  lives and works in Kanagawa Japan 2002 - 2006  studied painting in Antwerp

Eline De Clercq  lives and works in Antwerp Belgium 1997 - 2001 studied painting in Gent

Amsterdam exposition of portraits and paintings.

GEZICHTEN or an exhibition of portraits.
24 - 25 - 26 November 2017 haarlemmerdijk 97

Double exhibition with works by Yoko Enoki and me.

'a model 19' and 'a model 22' oil on canvas 2017 40 x 30cm

toxic garden (diptyque of 41 x 32 cm ) oil on canvas 2012

selection of the 'a model' series, all are 40 x30 cm oil on canvas 2017

Marieke III 140 x 110 cm oil on canvas 2014
The exhibition space was available as a test to explore an optional extra art space in Amsterdam, many thanks to Nynke Fennema for the invition to make an exposition.

Upcoming exhibition in Amsterdam 24 November 2017

You are all invited to the opening of an exhibition by Yoko Enoki and me:


There will be series of portraits by both of us, all recent works from 2017.

Opening: Friday November 24th 2017 18 till 21 hours
Exhibition open on 25th November 12h till 19h and 26th November 12h till 17h.
address: Haarlemmerdijk 97 Amsterdam

model 22 of the M series, 40x30cm oil on canvas, 2017

 child's head, 2015, © Yoko Enoki