In a small street in the busy part of an end-of-the-eighteenth century district of Antwerp is an iron gate, behind the gate is a garden with some new architecture. Behind wooden fa├žades are studios, and one of those sunk rooms is my studio. This part of town used to be the working district for linen dyers, the garden would be for bleaching and cleaning and a brook would flow under my studio.

© Babo
Yoko Enoki and Ada Van Hoorebeke in front of Yoko's studio, it is built over a brook in the hills in Japan.

We lost the beginning a long time ago, and our new project starts in the middle. The folding of geography is the theme of our new collaboration:

Yoko's studio, Tokyo

Open Studio's 2018

For the event of 'Open Studio's 2018' Yoko and I present our collective studio. Her work is next to mine and the studio space is shared. It is our studio now, in the Bloemstraat in Borgerhout.

We are painters and friends and have our own style. I met Yoko while she studied painting in Antwerp, and her work reminded me of Japan. I was two years old when I first arrived in Japan, and in the past ten years I have frequently visited Tokyo, by coincidence as it happened.

me, probably in 1982.
Yoko's studio in Tokyo
The moss shop, Tokyo.
For Open Studio's 2018 we present the shared studio, where we both have the opportunity to show our work. It seems such a normal thing to do, but in fact it is crucial to have the opportunity and keep an art practice that is relevant and in connection to other artists. To make this international, even intercontinental, is a project worth to continue.

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